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Passion Fruit Juice Recipe

Passion Fruit now in my list of favorites: you can make very easy and quick a natural juice, which is not only tastes wonderful, but also very useful. For to prepare passion fruit juice you do not need (as for many other exotic fruits) to torment to clean the skin or squeeze a juice.

Passion Fruit Photo

Passion fruit has oval shape with thick yellow skin (or in some places of the world it is violet), which is enough to pierce by the end of sharp knife on 2-3 centimetres and then easily to turn across the diameter of the fruit, dividing passion fruit on two halves. Inside it will be yellow sweet and sour gruel and seeds.

Passion Fruit Seeds -Photo

Scrap by spoon to any convenient deep dish, add sugar to taste (I usually do 4-5 tbsp sugar to 4-5 passion fruits) and blend or mix well with a fork.

Photo how to prepare passion fruit juice

Then add three or four cups of water (liquid should be juicy-amber colour) and mix well (or use blender). Strain the seeds through a sieve to the juice jar and squeeze well seeds with pulp. Try to taste the juice, and if necessary – add sugar. The whole process takes literally two or three minutes.

Photo: Glass of Passion Fruit Juice

What is useful

Passion Fruit usually used:

Passion fruit season in Dominica is usually around May-June.

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