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Tropical Fruit Punch (Mele)

I use to work at Hotel called the Fort Young Hotel, and this was one of my most favorite cocktail recipes. At the hotel they were called Exotic Fruit Punch. Now I’m not working at the hotel, when some of my friends drop by to visit and I put this together in the blender. They are dying to know my recipe, well I guess today is their lucky day. Fruit punch (Mele) is refreshing cocktail anytime of the year and great for people on fruit diets.

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Tropical Fruit Punch Recipe Ingredients:

Tropical Fruit Punch Recipe Instructions:

Combine fruit, fruit juices, honey and grenadine in blender. Then add ice-cubes and blend until very cold and is well blended. Serve in wide glasses immediately while mixture still holds a head. Finally garnish with a Cherry or a slice on pineapple.

Photo credit:d-juiceman.com

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